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The Human and The Machine

A One-Day Symposium in Berlin, 5th September 2017

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The Human and The Machine in Amsterdam

A Half-Day Symposium, 12th October 2017

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Networking Nations
a New Network for New Times

The world is changing. For British brands and businesses, Brexit is making us realise we have to make our own luck and our own networks in the world more not less. Networking Nations from the premium knowledge brokers and network experts Editorial Intelligence is here to help.
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Read the text of Mark Boleat's inaugural Networking Nations Lecture 16 January 2017

Networking Nations Information Pack


Only by invitation. Only C-Suite level invited to attend plus a guest. Monthly London breakfasts held under 'Chatham House Rules' kindly hosted by the beautiful Beaumont Hotel in London and founder member JWT will host events in New York. Spring events planned in Brussels, New York, Dublin.


(I) Analysis of the London-Brussels landscape as it develops;
(II) The emerging trade picture, especially US, Canada, Australia, China, India; and
(III) Brand Britain, the impact on Britain's reputation, and fresh opportunities for new and established brands.


Regular  "Knowledge Dashboard"  bulletin of insight  covering the best speeches, papers, publications, and forthcoming events to watch from Governments, Universities, Think Tanks plus a profile of the most interesting key people around the world with insight and influence on event.


Rates for FTSE, SME and Trade Body/Think-Tanks/ Academia
Email: laura@editorialintelligence.com